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Bamboo Fabric - The Environmental Edge

Bamboo Fabric – the Environmental EDGE

Bamboo Fabric – the Environmental EDGE  We have had some questions and doubts recently about whether bamboo fabric can be classed as “truly environmentally friendly”. Well, to answer those questions, here at Silkyboo we thought we would compile a blog of our evidence and thoughts on the matter. It is true that bamboo fabric production […]

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Benefits of Bamboo

Bamboo fibre is extremely soft, silky smooth and kind to your skin, an excellent choice for people with sensitive skin. Underwear and socks are hygienic because of bamboo’s antibacterial properties, helping to keep odours away.

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Take care of your bamboo

Taking care of your bamboo Machine wash in cool water max 30*C. Use powders or liquids on a delicate wash. Do not use bleach or harsh chemicals. You can Tumble dry but only on a cool temperature programme.    

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Bamboo the Extraordinary Fibre

More people are beginning to recognise the value of natural fibres, like bamboo. Bamboo has many uses; from robust flooring and building products, to textiles, food and medicine. The growing popularity of this extraordinary fabric can be attributed to it’s natural durability and the fact that it is also eco-friendly. Bamboo grows up to a metre in […]

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