Luxurious Long Black Silk Socks


Luxurious Extra Long Black Silk Socks are incredibly comfortable, smooth and soft, the perfect socks…

Exquisitely soft and comfortable.

Smart pure silk evening socks also excellent for a day at work.

Silk is anti allergy, anti bacterial, hygienic, it promotes blood circulation. Silk socks helps with excessive sweating, unlike nylon socks which promote sweating.

Silk is anti odour and non irritant, perfect for sensitive skin or allergies.

Highly recommended for elderly gentlemen as it will not aggravate soft skin.

Silk is warming, a natural insulator in cold weather and cool in warm weather. In very cold spells wear them as an insulator under bamboo socks, they will keep you extra warm.

Silk is good for every season…that’s the beauty of silk…  

Healthy feet are happy feet…

Size: Size 40 – 42 = 7 UK – 9 UK

Long silk socks – height 28cm from heal up

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Luxurious Long Black Silk Socks

Note: Knitted silk is stretchable.

Size: Size 40 – 42 = 7 UK – 9 UK

Long silk socks – height 28cm from heal up

Black only.

Taking care of your silk:

HAND WASH:  Use warm water with a drop of shampoo ( 2 tablespoons) wrap in a towel and wring gently, hang to dry.

MACHINE WASH: Put your silk items in a laundry bag selecting silk or a cool programme no higher than 30 degree centigrade. Use 1-2 table spoons of shampoo. Do not use bleach or harsh chemicals.

TUMBLE DRY: Possible but only on a cool temperature programme.

Can be worn under bamboo socks as base layer for extra warmth.

We associate silk with smoothness, richness and total indulgence, but for centuries silk has been recognised for its soothing properties. It’s ability to relieve skin irritation, helping poor blood circulation and sufferers with arthritis are just a few of it’s benefits.


For sensitive and older skin.

Silk is resistant to mould and mildew.

Promotes blood circulation. 

Helps with excessive sweating.

Antibacterial ( good for children and the elderly)

All our silk products are sourced with a high level of personal consideration to make sure they are of supreme quality.

Silkyboo is committed to providing each customer with the highest quality of merchandise at best prices. We are constantly adding new items to our collection, there is always something special to find at Silkyboo…thank you for shopping at Silkyboo.


Photography by Lara Jayne Jackson.



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